Friday, June 24, 2011

Dordt Discovery Days

Maria has been attending Dordt Discovery Days this week. She has really enjoyed her week, but it has been packed full of activity. I think she is going to sleep for the next three days. I was concerned about her having enough energy physically to do it all, so we opted to have her come home at 9:00 each night rather than spend the night in the dorms. She would really like to stay overnight with her friends next year, but also admits that even just staying till 9:00 was a lot for her to manage with her MG. Here she is this morning, heading out for her last day at DDD.

Her classes were all theater related. She learned about acting in the morning and did theater makeup in the afternoon. The girls that studied costumes and the girls that studied makeup worked together to put on a "fashion show" for us this afternoon. There was a little story to go with each girl's costume and makeup. Here the girls are waiting for the show to begin.

I didn't quite get all the girls in this picture, but you can see that there was a wide range of costumes and stories.

Maria's character is attending the prom.

I think her friend was dressed as a Southern Belle.

Maria saying goodbye to one of the instructors.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Fun in Iowa

Head on over to Maria's blog at to see some pics of the things we have been doing lately.