Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings - Oct. 3

We have some friends here in Sioux Center who let us just show up at their house and play with their kids' toys. Sometimes their boys come out and play with us, which makes it all even more fun. My two youngest particularly love jumping on the trampoline. We are even thinking about buying one. We worry about injuries and about liability as well since we don't have a fenced yard. We rent one side of a duplex, so fencing the yard isn't really an option. When we lived in Michigan, we had a great jungle gym in the backyard and a pool. Here, we don't even have trees in the yard. What do you think? Is a trampoline a good investment for our family or are we just inviting trouble?

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  1. Kath: We had a tramp for about 7-8 years. Ron dug a large hole and we sunk the legs in the ground and so the girls jumped on it at ground level. It was in the era before the cages around the rim. They loved it as did the neighborhood kids and there were no injuries on our property. When they were in HS, we sold it to another family.