Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nica Tuesday

Between travel snafus and weather, it feels like circumstances are trying to keep us from hosting these workshops, but we are here and the workshops are happening. It is raining and raining and raining here. Apparently, in addition to it being rainy season, we are having a tropical storm. Think water, water everywhere. There is water coming in the house. The yard and roads are flooded. Some of the schools were closed today and participants had a difficult time getting to the workshop, but they came anyway. Some participants came all the way from Granada. We are safe and well. We are praying that things will not get worse so that people can get to the workshop tomorrow.

My camera is being difficult (maybe it is too humid here?) so this is the best I can do for pictures. I am staying with the family of my student Wendy and I took these pictures after dinner tonight. I have felt so welcome and comfortable here and am very thankful to be able to stay here. Despite everything, it is a great experience to be here.

This is Wendy's youngest brother. You can just see that he is full of energy. He and Jon Felipe would have a great time together.

This is Alex. She is also visiting this week and is staying here. She is helping out at Tesoros de Dios while the teachers attend the conference.

This is Nanna. She keeps us well fed. I have had homemade tortillas at every meal since I got here. Yum!

This is Wendy.

This is Sarah. She is staying here as well. She is from Michigan and went to Calvin. Turns out that she is a friend of my son Colin. How cool is that!

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